Krypton 801 R OK - KZ
Performance and Quality at the Highest Level
The Krypton Range has been updated with the arrival of the 801R model. The new chassis is characterized by various technical evolutionary updates of componentry, that have been developed by the Tony Kart Racing Team and developed within the R&D department of the OTK Kart Group. The new M7 spoiler, the new high grip steering wheel and new integrated frontal area are all features. Additionally, the geometry of the chassis remains unchanged and is made up entirely of 32mm tubing.
Evolution Never Stops
The new Krypton 801R meets the challenge that has been launched by the benchmark Tony Kart chassis, the Racer, and takes it to a new level, yet still following the concepts of methodology that has been the basis of the project for many years now. The only difference between the Racer and the Krypton is the diameter of the chrome molybdenum steel tubing that make up the chassis rails: 32mm for the Krypton and 30mm for the Racer. Improvements and evolution are also the same for both, starting with the high grip steering wheel along with an inclined steering boss hub that combines for complete driving comfort; the integrated frontal area that improves the aerodynamic coefficient CX and also the futuristic M7 nassau panel supplied as standard along with new graphics. The geometry and design of the chassis remains unchanged from the previous models. Just as the very high quality of raw materials do not change either; the attention to detail guaranteed by the use of technologically advanced machinery; the continual development by the Tony Kart Racing Team on the most important and prestigious race tracks around the world.
BSD Brake Caliper
For the direct-drive categories, the Krypton 801R comes equipped with the same renowned braking system that was a proven and reliable system on the previous 801S model, the BSD. The rear brake caliper is forged from a single piece and features twin 34.5mm pistons, with brake movement recovery, combined with evolution brake lines and using DOT 5.1 brake fluid. The calipers and master cylinders are made from Ergal material, chosen for it’s notable property of mechanical resistance and is in turn increased by a hardening and thickening oxidation process which serves to minimize the wear on moving components. The entire braking system is the result of continual development carried out by the official Tony Kart Racing Team which uses it in the most extreme conditions on racetracks worldwide, thereby guaranteeing a system of the highest quality to the end user.
M7 Spoiler
Following on from the incredible work undertaken by the R&D Department of the OTK Kart Group in the field of aerodynamics. Thanks to testing carried out both in the wind tunnel and also in CFD computer simulations, the OTK M6 was already homologated in 2015 ensuring optimal airflow and functionality to the kart. Now, following on from this is the new M7 front spoiler (or Nassau panel) which further reduces aero drag, particularly on the fastest straights of the longest circuits. The M7 combines with front spoiler to create a fully covered frontal area of the front chassis rails and tubing. This is a solution which improves the aerodynamic drag co-efficient and reduces the creation of air vortices in the 'C' section of the chassis.
New Steering Wheel
The day to day work of the OTK Kart Group is undertaken with the philosophy of improving every aspect of the kart, with a view to finding new and improved solutions for every single component. To this end, the Krypton 801R also benefits from the introduction of a specific newly designed steering wheel which gives a high grip yet comfortable feel to the driver. Complimenting the wheel is the reclined steering hub, which is able to be adapted perfectly to fit each individual driver.
For the Gearbox Categories
The approach of the OTK Kart Group is to always and only to use materials of the highest possible quality, manufacturing with automated equipment to guarantee the complete replication of each item to the highest quality a kart dedicated to the KZ categories. The package offered is the Krypton 801R, which is manufactured using 32mm tubing and has specific features for a gearbox category kart; a chassis optimized with the BSS braking system which is a front wheel braking system. These are characterized by a single solid piece caliper made up with 4 pistons of 22mm tubing with brake movement recovery that guarantees powerful, quick and adjustable braking capability.