Racer 401 RR OK - KZ
The Racer 401 chassis, in the version featured by the "double R", takes to the maximum evolutionary expression the Tony Kart's top range model. As always available in single gear, shifter and DD2 versions, it has a new livery and introduces several news born from the synergy of Tony Kart Racing Team and OTK Kart Group R&D department.
Winning Tradition
The Racer represents the winning spirit of Tony Kart. Since 2000, the various evolutions of this model have collected 10 world titles (two of them, in OK and KZ, won in 2021) and several other international titles in all categories. The new 401 RR has the task of continuing this successful story and to do so it introduces several new features and product refinements. Above all, the new M10 fairing kit and some technical details that aim to improve the driving position. Aesthetically, the new sticker kit and the M7 number plate spoiler, are now in green. On the other hand, the cornerstones of the philosophy at the base of the whole project remain unchanged: top quality materials, technologically advanced processes and constant development carried out on the basis of the information gathered by the Tony Kart Racing Team in the most important international competitions.
Fairing Kit M10
For several years, OTK Kart Group's R&D department has been focusing its attention on the aerodynamic refinement of its products, through CFD computer simulations and in-depth wind tunnel tests. This work initially led to the introduction of the M7 number plate spoiler, with its innovative design and ability to reduce aerodynamic resistance, resulting in increased performance. The M7 is now combined with the new M10 fairing kit to further refine the aerodynamic profile of the Racer 401 RR. The weight-saving side bumpers have been streamlined to aid rear tyre cooling. In addition, the front spoiler and the rear protection, adjustable in width, meet the latest FIA regulations. Not to forget is the "integral" floorplate, already featured on the previous Racer 401 R model, which further improves aerodynamic efficiency.
BSD Caliper
Like its predecessor, the single-speed Racer 401 RR is also equipped with the BSD braking system. This system, signed by OTK Kart Group, is the same one fitted on the karts winners of the OK and OKJ 2021 and 2020 world titles. The one-piece forged rear brake caliper, equipped with a stroke recovery system, features two D. 34.5 mm pistons and is combined with a two-piston brake pump as well as to the brake line with outer cover stainless steel braid, PTFE inner tube. The caliper and the brake pump are made of Ergal, a material that stands out for its excellent mechanical resistance, which is further increased by the hard oxidation process that reduces wear on the moving parts.
Driving position
The driving position is a fundamental aspect for every driver and, for this reason, OTK Kart Group's R&D department works constantly to implement continuous improvements in this concern, refining even the smallest details. In particular, with the Racer 401 RR it is possible to adjust the footrest with more flexibility, furthermore new seat supports have been introduced. Unchanged, instead, is the HGS steering wheel, already present in the previous 401 R, equipped with high grip and comfort rubber grips, which considerably improve the driving sensibility while driving. The steering wheel is combined with an angled hub for a fully ergonomic driving position.
BSS and BSZ brakes
The use of selected materials of the highest quality as well as their processing through automated machines and processes that ensure the full reproducibility of each component, always assuring the highest quality standards: these are the principles at the base of OTK Kart Group's productions. These values are more fundamental than ever when it comes to KZ braking systems, the category in which Tony Kart became world champion and vice-world champion in 2021. In this category, the braking capacity plays a fundamental role in terms of performance and the BSS system, equipped with monobloc calipers, front with 4 D. 22 mm pistons and rear with two D. 34.5 mm pistons, has proved with results to be the technical reference. With the arrival of the Racer 401 RR, however, Tony Kart adds as standard, a second system for the shifter categories called BSZ, able to offer a greater braking modulability. For the DD2 version, on the contrary, the reference system remains the BSS only.